Transactional SMS

Transactional SMS Service

Transactional sms play an essential role in running your business operations. They are an integral part of your business functions for sending key information, service messages, and alerts to clients. At TMG SMS, we provide foolproof transactional message services for different industries.

Types of Transactional SMS

As a Bulk sms service provider, we can send all the different types of transactional messages to your targeted users. This includes:

• Informative messages
• Critical data messages
• Generic messages
• OTPs
• Booking alerts
• Order alerts

These messages play a crucial role in your business processes and we use state-of-the-art technologies to ensure that each message is delivered to the targeted user without fail.


The key advantages of choosing our Sms service are as follows:

• Deliver messages to registered users
• Save time
• Provide services 24/7
• Instant delivery
• Send messages to DND/non-DND phone numbers

What Do We Offer?

At TMG SMS, we are a trusted Transactional sms service provider, offering a cost-effective way to deliver key information to your customers and registered users. Choose from multiple SMS packages based on your business size, SMS volume requirements, and your business goals. Send messages instantly any time of the day to ensure that your business processes never get hindered.

Our team of Bulk sms experts can integrate out transaction SMS application into your existing software systems to empower your business. Feel free to reach us to get detailed information on our packages and the solutions we can build for your bus